Resources & Projects


Learn the Basics of AI

Free Resources to Learn the Basics of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Introduction to R Markdown

Introduction to R Markdown - Communicate Data Science Results in a Modern Way

Programming Languages for Data Science

Unterlagen für Programming Languages for Data Science.

Introduction to Network Analysis with Python

Network Analysis with the Python module NetworkX

Correlation Tutorial with R

Introduction to correlation analysis with R.

Lasso Regression with Python

Introduction to Lasso Regression with Python.

Time Series Analysis with Python

Time Series Analysis with Python. Introduction to ARIMA, SARIMAX and Facebook’s Prophet

Linear Regression Tutorial with Python

Introduction to essential concepts of linear regression with Python.

First Steps in Python

Learn Data Science with Python

First Steps in R

Learn Data Science with R

Creating Websites with R Markdown

A practical guide for creating websites using the blogdown package in R

Create Data Presentations with R Markdown

Xaringan - An R package for creating slideshows with R Markdown.

Free books to learn Data Science & Statistics with R

Free resources to learn data science and statistics with R.